Missing Security Tab (Win Server 2003)

By JEG1985 ·
I recently came upon a problem on one of my servers in which one of our employees all of a sudden had a file tell him he didn't have permissions which he did previously (only person other then the administrators who has access to this area of files). Upon clicking the properties of the file in question to check the permissions, I noticed that all the tabs in the properties were gone except "General". I cannot delete, modify, move, do anything to this file no matter what account I use. I have tried both the local Administrator and Domain Administrator accounts with no luck. The other files in the same folder all function fine and the folder they are in have the permissions and ownerships set correctly.

I'm not finding many straight answers to go about fixing this problem. Has anybody had similar problems like this? How did you go about fixing this?

Also I know its in the title but I'm running Windows Server 2003 NTFS.

I've alread tried registering rshx32, running chkdsk, and restarting the server.

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Have you tried...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Missing Security Tab (Win ...

Taking ownership of the file as the local administrator?

If that works, you then should be able to re-assign the correct NTFS rights.

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No tabs in properties in local admin

by JEG1985 In reply to Have you tried...

I was going to do that when I logged on as local admin but the properties were the same when logged on locally so I still didn't have access to that one file's security properties being that it was still missing.

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Use cacls to find the permissions on rshx32.dll

by Jacky Howe In reply to Missing Security Tab (Win ...

You may have to use cacls to reset the permissions.

cacls c:\windows\system32\rshx32.dll

eXample from my SBS 2003 server

c:\windows\system32\rshx32.dll NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:R
BUILTIN\Server Operators:C


Open Windows Explorer and go to c:\windows\system32\.
Search for the Rshx32.dll file.
Go to the Properties of this file.
Click the Security tab and then click Permission.
Remove the Read permission of everyone and then add the appropriate rights to the appropriate users or user groups.
Restart the computer.
Now, only the users who have been assigned the rights can see the Security tab.

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Long File Names

by In reply to Missing Security Tab (Win ...

I ran into an issue quite similar to this...may help you.

I had a user that was well organized, too well organized. He created folder structures that were 10 level deep and each folder had unusually long names. In my situation, if you end up creating a file path that is longer than 256 characters, then Windows can't figure out how to work with that file. To resolve the issue, rename some of the base folders to reduce the overall length of the folder/file name.

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