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    Missing taskbar items when minimized


    by rsevigny1 ·

    I have several computers that just started hiding the taskbar items when they minimize a program. We probably got a virus. How can I reverse the situation.

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      Try this!

      by cglrcng9 ·

      In reply to Missing taskbar items when minimized

      First right click on the task bar, click toolbars & make sure quick launch is checked. Then click minimize all, then unminimize all. See if that changes the outcome.

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        Friend Greeting application (e-card)

        by lilybelle ·

        In reply to Try this!

        You’ll find your solution at :

        We had this start to appear earlier in the week on our client machines running win 95. The other users running locked down win2000 couldn’t run the install and accept the licensing agreement. One of the side effects of the application install is the apps disappear when minimized and then the taskbar disappears.

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