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    Missing user accounts in Windows XP


    by susan.epps ·

    After installing the new web package from Microsoft (Expression Web) and also updating framework as recommended, I am now missing my user accounts. Any ideas of a fix? thanks.

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      by susan.epps ·

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      Missing user accounts

      by dragononedon ·

      In reply to Missing user accounts in Windows XP

      If you’ve gone in to user accounts and their not there, you may have to set their accounts up again. I know it’s not fun but this may be the easiest and simplest way of taking care of it.

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        Tried that to no avail

        by susan.epps ·

        In reply to Missing user accounts

        Indeed the user accounts do not show up at all on the Control Panel | Users area. I did try to set them up again and got the message, “user account already exists.” I also tried to set up new user accounts (different names) and they did not show up either although a profile was visible in the Explorer view directory tree.

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      Index may be out of sync

      by data ninja ·

      In reply to Missing user accounts in Windows XP

      I have had this on occasion. Either the User accounts or entire directory structures seemingly disappear.

      What I found was the the MFT or Indexing had somehow gone out-of-sync.

      The solution I found that brought them back was to run chkdsk /f and reboot. It rebuilt the file indexes and repaired the directory structures, and voila, everything reappeared!

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      by diazolidineyl ·

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      Can you see the user accounts in computer management?

      run > compmgmt.msc
      right-click my computer and select manage

      expand the hierarchy on the side labeled Local users and Groups then select users.

      What do you see?

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        User profiles are visible in compmgmt

        by susan.epps ·

        In reply to compmgmt

        Yes, the files are visible here and all are included in the Administrator group.

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      Roam Profile and Change login screen

      by diazolidineyl ·

      In reply to Missing user accounts in Windows XP

      If your own a domain and use roaming profiles try using this utility –

      (I would try it even if it your not part of a domain)

      I’m also assuming your login screen looks like the regular login screen with the picture right next to the user name. If it is make it the classic login screen by doing this:

      control panel > user accounts > change the way users login and off

      then try logging on with one of your user accounts.

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      I cannot remember where I got this

      by bob.grimste ·

      In reply to Missing user accounts in Windows XP

      someone’s website when my wife lost her account after a reinstall.

      Ok lets start with the fact that most of us have done this at some point in our PC using time. It is the Windows XP ?Repair? feature, also known as reloading windows over the top. Below is a case study of a woman who had a ?friend? do this to her computer. When all was said and done she no longer had access to her profile. All of the files in her ?My Documents? directory were no longer accessible, and when she clicked on the folder she was told ?access denied?. Right clicking and showing the properties of the folder listed 0mb of data in these folders. In order to fix her problem the following is exactly what happened.

      Sally: I don?t know what has happened to the data, I am positive he did not format the hard drive.

      Me: What does it say when you click on the folder inside windows explorer?

      Sally: It tells me ?access denied?

      Me: ok we are going to need to take control of the folder with your current user profile.

      Sally : But I am using the same name to log in that I used before the reload.

      Me: I understand but the way windows works is that each profile itself is unique. It is encrypted in order to allow for proper permissions and security and this is not generated solely by the name of the user account, but by other factors as well.

      Sally: Ok well what exactly do I need to do?

      Me: First we need to be sure you are logged in with an administrative account. (ie Administrator)

      Sally: Yes I am logged in as the administrator. (* if you do not know your administrator account info more then likely it is username: administrator password: (blank) or something common you used at the time you purchased the PC)

      Me: We need to make sure you have simplified file sharing disabled. Click Start, and go to My Computer. Go up to the ?Tool? menu and click ?Folder Options? and click on the ?View tab? Scroll to the bottom of the list and you will see ?Use Simple File Sharing? make sure the check box is NOT checked. Click Apply and then click Ok.
      (see screen grab below)

      Sally: Ok I have turned it off what now?

      Me: Ok now we have to try to take control of the folder so you will be able to get your pictures back. What I need you to do is to go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and then Click on Windows Explorer. Now open up your C drive and scroll down to your ?Documents and settings? older and open it up by clicking the plus sign. Now look for the name that you used to log into windows with. Do you see that folder?

      Sally: Yes it is here ?sally?. But when I click on it I get the same error again.

      Me: It is ok we are going to try and rectify that right now. Right click on the ?sally? folder and go to properties. Click on the security tab at the top.

      Sally: I have a security warning.

      Me: That is fine, just click ok. Now do you see the ?advanced? button?

      Sally: Yes

      Me: Ok click on advanced, and then click on the owner tab. Do you see your Administrator Account in the list of users? The account you are currently logged in with?

      Sally: Yes I see it.

      Me: Ok click that name and also click the check box there that says ?Replace owner on sub containers and objects? Then click OK.

      Sally: I have an error that say ?You do not have permission to read the contents of directory ?sally?. Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you Full Control?? What should I do?

      Me: click yes. This part may take a few moments while the permissions are being changed.

      Sally: Ok it is done.

      Me: Alright click ok to close the properties window and now try clicking on the folder.

      Sally: Oh.. I can open it there are my kids pictures. Thank you so much.

      This customer from this point out was unable to be understood because she was crying. She had all of her children?s pictures, including one that had passed. She thought all her files were gone and this was the last ditch effort.

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