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    Missing windows functions ?!?!?!


    by sigley, phil ·

    My standalone windows 95 workstation has lost the ability to cut/copy and paste and the drag and drop function wont work (i cant pick anything up). A re install did not correct this problem. My mouse is functioning correctly. Running setup did not correct this and i dont really want to format and lose everything. Are there any files i can replace.

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      Missing windows functions ?!?!?!

      by welovells ·

      In reply to Missing windows functions ?!?!?!

      I have never liked being the barrer of bad news, but i do think your only choice is to format/reinstal. One possible solution that “might” save your data would be to deltree windows. Make sure your data is backed up, then follow the instructions at this link: One thing this link leaves out is that you should also delete autoexec.bat and config.sys, and the common files folder inside of program files.

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