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Missing WinXP Pro Product Key

By strokedriver ·
I am building a new PC, bought a Retail "box unopened" copy of XP Pro on Ebay but was supplied with an unbranded OEM CD, apparently unopened, with the Microsoft booklet, but no COA or product key.
I have submitted a dispute claim with PayPal but would like to know if there is any way I can use this CD legitimately.
Is there any way I can install from the CD without knowing the product key?
Can any of the tools which find the product key on an installed WinXP, find it on the system CD?
Or do I just have an expensive bird scarer?
Thanks for any help or guidance.

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by desiv10 In reply to Missing WinXP Pro Product ...
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Thats no good here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

It only works on an installed copy of XP not from an install CD as the XP Cd's don't actually have a product key on them they will activate within a certain range of keys some of which can be deleted from the master DBase if MS thinks that they are being used as crack copies.


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It might make a good coaster!

by stewarth In reply to Missing WinXP Pro Product ...

That's a tough one. Since the CD you purchased was apparently part of an OEM or bulk license you cannot legally install and run it.

You might try Keyfinder or RockXP. I believe they are both available from but I have never tried getting a key from the CD.

However if you are able to get a key back you may still get an error during the install telling you that the current key has been used too many times or something like that and you will need to call Microsoft to get a new key.

I think your best bet would be to try to get the problem resolved through the vendor, ebay, or PayPal and see if you can either get a valid key or your money back. I would think that a reputable vendor would take care of it for you. (Of course a reputable vendor would not have sold you an OEM version in the first place.)

Good luck.

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Well Depending on the Version of XP Pro

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Missing WinXP Pro Product ...

If it isn't the SP2 version you could always ring MS and tell them that after installing SP2 you can not validate XP with the Windows Update Service and need a new product key. If it is a genuine copy of XP there will be a series of numbers on the center ring of the CD which you will need to read to MS and they will then e-mail you a replacement key.

I've had to do this a lot with Volume License stuff but never with an OEM copy so I'm not sure how you'll go but it's worth a try.

As the Install Cd doesn't actually have a product key on it only a range of keys that will work there is no actual key on the CD so you can not lift any key from the CD as they do not exist. This is the only good thing with XP as you can use the same CD to install on different units with different Product Keys so you no longer need to keep the Install CD with the computer like you had to do with NT and 98.


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by LOCKMAN9 In reply to Missing WinXP Pro Product ...

First of all no windows product cd is supposed to be sold without the coa with it. They are in violation of Microsoft?s license agreement by doing so.
As it has been said the cd's do not contain the product key. Also different forms of install media have different product keys. For example the windows home and pro versions have different keys and cannot be interchanged also the OEM and volume license keys are not interchangeable.
Here is a link For Generic Windows product keys for different versions, you can use it to install but not activate the software.They May Give you 14 days before they pop up needing activated.
They are mainly used for building multiple systems and then changing the key to the authorized one later. Keys are at the bottom of the page

My suggestion would be get you money back & let them know they
are in violation of the license agreement.

Here is the link to Microsoft?s How to tell page.
Also a link to report piracy on that page.

Microsoft is cracking down hard on piracy and taking several company?s and individuals to court every year.

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by strokedriver In reply to OEM

Thanks, all.
The seller is a cheat, does not respond to emails or phonecalls. I will get most of my money back under the eBay protection scheme.
I have contacted Microsoft and hopefully they will pursue him. I am also waiting to see if they will validate this disk.
I will let you know how they respond.

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You may have some problems with MS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

On this one as OEM are only supposed to be sold with a built system or if the buyer accepts responsibility as a System Builder and is prepared to support the product in that case Windows.

I haven't heard of MS allowing this practice to continue and while they once did provide genuine software to those who brought in Good Faith and helped them track down the Pirates they stopped doing that over 2 years ago. So I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting.

Now the way that OEM Windows should come is in a shrink wrapped bag with the COA stuck on the outside of the plastic which you have to peel off and fix to the case. On the rare occasions when I do use OEM product I always stick it on after I've loaded the system as I find the COA hard to read once fitted to the case.

There should also be a bit more of the sticker left on the plastic above the COA after you peel the COA off. If there was nothing at all stuck to the plastic you most likely have a pirate copy or even worse a genuine copy where the person/business has hard loaded HDD and then applied the COA's to the different cases but they should have supplied the install CD with the systems.

MS is currently in the process of cracking down on all the cases of cheap MS product being offered on the net I'm not sure what they are doing about E-Bay sales.

Best of luck

Col ]:)

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windows xp professional OEM keys

by nishadmptlaa In reply to OEM

product key
1.w42ch qqbtf tvuef jt9mv 42bsw
2.w7vpg bpkb7 jryc7 bqjd2 p2y93
3.mmpr7j 8mkq8 v48jg 7fpbp mj4b

please send suitable OEM keys

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Life Saver

by DNottingham In reply to windows xp professional O ...

Wow - thanks

Customer had an XP box so infected the only answer was a repair install - he had the original disk (unopened) but the installer had neglected to stick the key code on the box - I rang them up, but got the polite version of "we don't give a ****, **** off.."

The third key code you provided did the job, we're now on the way with this!

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by mario.ali In reply to windows xp professional O ...

the p. keys helped me a lot thank you very much. lol

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