Mistakenly ran a system restore

By cclc ·
Can some one tell me if I have a way out of this problem?

I have an Hp Pavilion PC that I ran the built in restore on. I forgot that the HP restore contained my original OS XP Home and I had since upgraded it to Pro. I have also misplaced my XP Pro discs.
All the apps I had loaded no-longer work now that I accidentally downgraded it.
Can I update XP home again and what type of installer fro pro do I need.
I can remember if the was an issue around an OEM or Retail cd.

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Need Disks

by TheChas In reply to Mistakenly ran a system r ...

You are going to need your XP Pro disks in order to get back to XP Pro. You will need both the disks and the XP Pro license key.

As you have learned, using the restore function on most OEM systems takes the system back to the condition it was in when you purchased it.

You did not list any specific applications that will not work. But, did you at least try installing the latest updates and service packs for XP Home? That might take care of some problems you have.


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RE: what type of installer fro pro do I need

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mistakenly ran a system r ...

The Disc and the Product Key where you can do a In Place Install by following the directions here

Follow the directions listed under Method 2 to perform the install.

But it will not make the old Apps work and I'm frankly surprised that they still remain on the HDD as HP generally does a Format which is Destructive well to your data and installed software at least and then proceeds to install the OS and associated software on a clean Partition so that there are no previous files/directories or so on to cause any problems.

As for getting the Software to work again you'll need to install it all again as the Roots within Windows have been deleted and these need to be rebuilt before most Windows Software can run.

So at the very least you'll need the M$ Branded Install Disc and Install Disc's for your Installed software things like Office and so on and whatever Install Files that are required for any Utilities that may have been installed. Things like AVG Free and Malwarebytes should be included as a bare minimum if you don't already have some kind of AV product to install.


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Go to HP contact support

by Jetplane7 In reply to Mistakenly ran a system r ...

They (HP) can and will send you support disks but have make and model first and look up your computer name and Id. There isa fee but they will send it to you for I have a pavilon also and for 16 dollars I paid to get them mailed to me.

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Getting a Recovery Set from HP isn't going to help here at all

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Go to HP contact support

They will supply what came with the computer new and this has been changed since then so anything that HP send out will not be of any use to the OP here.


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