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    mixed mode Exchange environment help?


    by discombob ·

    I’m trying to get Microsoft Activesync for mobile devices to work on both servers, but I need some basic help understanding how Exchange is setup in our organization.

    I have just been designated as the systems admin for it and have only a basic background in getting it installed.

    We have two servers:

    01: Exchange 2003
    PDC, DNS, DHCP, WINS, RRAS, IAS, IIS, Sharepoint

    04: Exchange 2007 (dedicated)
    IIS installed since it supports Exchange services

    Activesync currently works on the “legacy” mailboxes on server 01, as viewed from 04, but will not function correctly via the 2007 mailboxes.

    What happens is that I can connect to a mailbox in 2007 apparently successfully with no errors with my iPhone, but it will not actually pull/sync any E-mails, Calendar, or Contact items. It just connects and then does nothing, even when I can verify that the test account does have mail sent to it by checking with Outlook Web Access (OWA) on the same server, which is 04.

    I’ve gone through a lot of the configuration already but online support documents are vague in how some of these settings actually affect Activesync events and I want to build my real-world understanding.

    Thanks for checking out my issue. Any ideas on where to start?

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