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MMORPG = Geek Cred?

By OoShinkooO ·
Naw! Maybe back in the day when EQ, Ultima online, and Dark Ages of Camelot were popular, but now everyone and there mother(and father) plays these types of games.

I used to play World of Warcraft(I got into the MMORPG's Late) but never considered it k3wl or l33t.

Computer games were geeked out when Tribes and Counter-Strike were the only real options to play a FPS, and ARC (Attack, Retrieve, Capture)and Duke Nukem 3d, and others of which escape me, were on "TEN" network.

As a side note, you didn't include 2 really geeked out hobbies. One was messing around with TI-Calculators! Nothing more Geek then installing YAS on your TI-86.

The last one I can remember was Punters, Progs, chatroom busters & spammers for AOL 3.0 and up?

Nothing like making e-enemies and getting each other "TOS'd" :)
Still a good article!

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