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    mobile app issue


    by khan.bilal90088 ·


    hello everyone, I have a question about my download apps on mobile when I download the apps on mobile so after a few minutes the apps are automatically deleted and updated on my phone but still have the same problem. and the second question is I want to download my website apps on my mobile I tried but didn’t download the app. Your suggestion must be appreciated

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      Re: app

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to mobile app issue

      The link to your site was incorrect, so I removed it. And probably it will be removed if you retry for being spam or SEO.

      That being said, your first problem isn’t really clear to me. And for your second question, it’s not clear wat “website apps” are nor why your download didn’t work.

      Try again?

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      There are many shady APK web sites now.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to mobile app issue

      So let’s lead with if you are downloading outside the Play or Apple store then your complaints must go to those sites. Most of us consider APK download sites to be too insecure and UNSUPPORTABLE.

      Millions of folk download successfully apps from the Google and Apple app stores every day. What are you doing differently?

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      mobile app issue

      by tulibsalim ·

      In reply to mobile app issue

      it can be your mobile ROM. Like update your mobile rom and other one issue is due to wrong SDK of android. It might be resolve when you update it to latest version.

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        Reply To: mobile app issue

        by richwilson802 ·

        In reply to mobile app issue

        another issue is to update software of your mobile and clear some chache memory.

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