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    Mobile application development


    by saadhu ·

    Require Inputs to develop a mobile application irrespective of cost for example social media application.

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      How to create an app

      by bart_0sh34 ·

      In reply to Mobile application development


      You should know some languages. The back-end components can be developed in any programming language, such as Java, JS, Ruby on Rails, or Node. js.
      Then a consistent investment from a financial part of the view and the purpose of your app. When you know which advantage your community will take from your app you can have more probability to make it work.
      To determine if an app will be successful you have to be sure about the utility will get your users.

      Hope it helps 😀

      [i]Commercial link (for a ready made app, from only $549/month) removed by moderator. Not clear that is what the poster wants. [/i]

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      Re: input

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Mobile application development

      The main input a developer needs to develop any app are the requirements for the app. And you’re the only one who can provide them.
      A social media app is no exception.

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      Mobile application development

      by zeenata583 ·

      In reply to Mobile application development

      First of all, make an idea
      then do competitive in the market
      then write about your mobile app, their features
      choose best app logo
      make design for app
      make a graphic design for app
      submit your app in the app store or play store.

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      Reply To: Mobile application development

      by zeenata583 ·

      Mobile application development is a process to create a software or an application. For mobile apps you need to have a technology platform.

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