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By Slayer_ ·
I got my folks a nexus 7. And they like it, but the concept of browser tabs confuses them.

At first they were using Chrome but didn't really like it. I installed Opera and they seem to like it a lot better but the tabs in Opera are even more confusing than Chrome.
I went to visit them last night and saw that Opera had 28 tabs open. And its tedious to close them 1 by one.

Is there anything I can do to disable tabs, or make them all close when the browser is closed?

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Could be a setting in Opera's settings...

something like close tabs on exit. Might also check how it is set to open,
set it to open their homepage, and not re-open tabs from previous session.
I think there is a setting to enable the exit button as well.

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by Slayer_ In reply to Could be a setting in Ope ...

I was looking but didn't see anything. The options in both programs are very sparse.

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in the desktop versions you can access many options by typing
"opera:config" into the address bar (without quotes), press Enter
and it will list user configurable options. Haven't tried much in
the moble, just used Opera Mini on my old Samsung Blackjack.
Might search the forums at

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