Mobile or iMobile?

By yclee ·
Since I seldom raise questions in this forum, here is the second one:

As I browse through the software section, I see a lot of software tagged "MOBILE", since I need a RPN calculator for my cell phone to replace the "normal" calculator on the phone.

For 4 pages I browsed fro the top, (with RPN as search key) all the items tagged "MOBILE" I opened need a iSomething account.

I feel so disappoint with this outcome. Since I'm still using a cellphone I bought about seven years ago, and feel quite comfortable with it.

I don't feel a urge to upgrade my cellphone services.

What I feel is that the world have left out a lot of the telecommunication users.

I know there are still a lot of pre iSomething application in the server, but they are pushed way down the time line, which they used to be tagged with "MOBILE".

Can the staff at TI device a more specific tag for the iSomething specific items from the rest of the world?

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Why not

by seanferd In reply to Mobile or iMobile?

Of course, it may depend on the OS your cell phone uses as to what calculator you can install. Plenty of Java-based calcs, though.

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by yclee In reply to Why not

As title sez, thanks again

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Thanks again

by yclee In reply to Why not

I didn't realize that the search string can be so complex.

Is there a summary or tutorial page that teach you how to enter a more "specific" string in all kinds of "search" box, or just in google specifically.

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