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Mobile Phones in Server Rooms

By xdeclmjr ·
Has anyone ever experienced server,disk problems due to Mobile phone usage near servers. I asy this because we lost an exchange server twice on consecutive days with different faults both times.
The only common thing was the fact that some unix boffin had been sat next to the thing dialling up his laptop, always on his phone etc, placing the phone next to the raid array.

Anybody experienced anything similar?


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Transmitter Interference

by Boomslang In reply to Mobile Phones in Server R ...

If the interconnect cables or equipment cases don't provide proper shielding, operating transmitting devices next to them can cause problems.

I have one monitor that squidges in the presence of handhelds, shouldn't be an issue at the low power levels that most cellular and cordless remotes transmit at. All it takes though is one unshielded circuit that happens to be harmonically excitable at that particular frequency. Moving away from it with the device reduces the effect.

I would imagine that since PCS frequencies are microwave, their extremely small wavelength probably can penetrate through most ventilation slots on computer cases so some physical separation would be a good thing if you are going to run them in the presence of electrical equipment. Once again, low power output from these devices shouldn't cause a problem.

Now if you are talking about handheld transceivers operating at 5+ watts, (police/fire VHF, UHF, Amateur Radio) that can be a real problem and will causehavoc with badly shielded electronics.

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Electrical interference and noise

by thinknologist In reply to Mobile Phones in Server R ...

I experienced it once, when i was in a close room reading something. Suddenly this flourescent created some kind of electrical interference and made the mobile phone off. This case can happen also to servers..due to involuntary shut off data on servers were corrupted...I hope this helps.

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This has caused me a few headaches!!!

by ewank In reply to Mobile Phones in Server R ...

I can tell you that the threat of data-loos due to mobile phones is real. Our exchange server went mae-west, after someone put there mobile phone on top of the drive array. This caused numerous SCSI errors, rendering the database unusable. After running numerous repairs, we ended up restoring the information store from the previous nights backup!

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