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Mobile screen readability

By brian1611341497 ·
Morning! Here's an issue I have with my Android mobile phone. The screen. I've owned a range of phones and all suffer the same problem. Readability.

The first problem is that the screens are glossy and so reflect like crazy. A matt overlay screen won't work as it dulls an already dull screen, which is my second point.

Even the best LCD screen can not punch out enough brightness to be read in most daylight conditions, can they?

I have an old Paperwhite Kindle that is a joy to use outdoors. Of course, it isn't colour. But I'd suggest a mobile with two screens, front and back. The second screen to be a paperwhite, and used for messaging or anything to do with text.

If the colour screen is only turned on to view images or video, the paperwhite screen would considerably extend battery life too.

What do you think of my idea?
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I remember such a phone.

by proffitt In reply to Mobile screen readability

I'm not going to dig up any links on it. This was tried and failed to succeed.

If your phone screen isn't readable you have a bad phone. At the office we have dozens of very readable phones.

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Not likely....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Mobile screen readability

There would have to be sufficient demand for such a device/display and frankly I don't see such a demand. Manufacturers do not make custom devices for customers. Your request is not mainstream enough for it to be profitable to manufacture/design IMHO. Sadly, you are limited to tweak the current display settings (brightness, contrast, etc.) and not much else.

A suggestion that might help would be a screen display cover/filter designed to modify the way the screen is viewed.

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