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Mobile Web Application - Java or .NET

By bacchodi ·
I am working on a project to develop a Mobile web application for Banking purpose and would like to know the technology to use before i start implementing it. I am planning to use either .NET or J2EE for this purpose and need your help in deciding among the two ? What would be the adv/dis adv of using each of the technology over other?

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My Opinion

by dawgit In reply to Mobile Web Application - ...

...It will really depend on intended hardware platforms. JME might give you more room there. -d

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Java or .Net

by nadirshah In reply to Mobile Web Application - ...

Java for mobile is called J2ME, not j2ee.
J2ME ? has long been established as a platform of choice for mobile clients and embedded devices.
Since 2002, Microsoft has extended its .NET managed environment to Windows-only mobile devices with the .NET Compact Framework (CF)
.Net CF runs only on Windows operating system
With the Common Language Runtime (CLR), .NET applications are portable to more than 200 devices that support the Windows CE and Pocket PC-based operating systems.
Portable .NET and Mono, gives limited portability of .NET applications on Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux, Mac and FreeBSD.
However, there is a plethora of devices that run on non-Windows operating Systems.
Symbian, iDen, Brew and vendor-specific operating systems are some of the most widely used platforms on cell phones.
Palm OS and RTOS are the most prevalent in lower-level PDAs and embedded devices.
Even in higher-level PDAs, where Windows OS has a great market share, there is a growing shift towards Linux Symbian and IBM-based platforms
But multitude of mobile platforms has built-in Java support.
Developers who use J2ME can write their code without worrying about cross-platform portability.
However developers using the J2ME platform run into the standardization problem across various platforms, which can quickly get confusing.
Different vendors have sought to extend the capabilities of J2ME by plugging their own proprietary extension packages.
Optional packages are not available on all devices. Even the standard J2ME platform itself ? i.e. MIDP ? can be implemented differently by various vendors
J2ME beats .NET CF when it comes to portability across a variety of devices, and support for mobile databases and server products.
J2ME vendors also offer a wider selection of add-ons and development tools.
It is the best platform for mobile solutions on low-end devices, geared towards homogenous environments.
However, developing and deploying applications on the J2ME platform can be both challenging and tedious.

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look at these links

by dgs010243 In reply to Mobile Web Application - ...

These are

scroll down until Application servers download, until you notice EasyEclipse 1.3.0 based on Eclipse 3.3.0. Click on download, then click on 1.2.2 e voila.
Between several packages there are 2 packages EasyEclipse Mobile Java 1.2.2 for Linux and Windows.
I've tried only EasyEclipse Server Java. It is good.
prof dr ing Dan Gheorghe Somnea

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