MOBO-USB hookups

By jackray ·
On my motherboard I have two places to plug in USB arrays. I assume they are typical. There are 5 small pins above 4 pins and there are two of these labeled USB3 and USB4
They appear to require a single plug that will plug over each set of 5 and 4.
My problem is that the plug that comes off my case mounted USBs is a flat single row of 4 pinholes with a seperate plug for a ground wire.
I can't figure out how to connect these to the MOBO.
The MOBO manual isn't much help.

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by david.wallis In reply to MOBO-USB hookups

the 5small above 4 labelled usb 3 / 4 are usb headers these can be used to connect your front USB ports to.

connect your 4 pin one to the row of 5 starting from the back of the case side. the far left pin is power, the far right is ground, so u can plug the seperate ground one into the far right port

hope this helps?

more info here

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What Motherboard

by TheChas In reply to MOBO-USB hookups

Please post the make and model of your motherboard and case.

While there is a "standard" USB configuration that most motherboard and case manufactures use, there are exceptions.

If we know the specifics of your system, we have a better chance of giving you a complete and correct answer.


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