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By wonder_spider2002 ·
thanks for replay BFilmFan.that was my first post.i dont wanna reinstall windows said i can remove modem driver and software i want to know how can i remove it from registry.can you tell me steps?

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by toahiyo In reply to Modem

search the registry for the manf name and delete each entry against it, do the same using modem name. BE VERY CAREFUL otherwise O/s becomes unstable if u delete anything else. Also ensure that you delete the folder where modem files are installed. then restrt xp

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Modem

modem model number and interface? usually the mfg website will have manual un install instructions. i ususally don't rip into the registry without them.
if you are determined, you could download on of those free install monitors that will tell you exactly what files and changes to the registry occur during the modem software installation. (you'll have to install it with the install monitor program active naturally).

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Modem

Before you start anything at all make a Backup of the Registry or you will end up in a world of Hurt if you remove something unconnected to the modem.

Also remember to close any question that you ask or you'll keep getting answers or people will just start to ignore any questions that you post.

here's my reply to your first question on this matter as well :-

I've had to walk in and fix a lot of systems after the Telco's staff mess them up by using the A/DSL modem CD. you don't need to use it at all other than for the Manual, you just need to address the modem through a HTTP:// address.

My only reliable solution was to pull the HDD from the computer save the data and then do a clean install. It's really the only Long Term fix for this problem. Every time I've done an In Place reload of Windows it seems to work OK for a while and then I get called back to fix it properly as something gets left in the system to muck it up again.


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by wonder_spider2002 In reply to Modem

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