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Modem Connection Problem -- 56k Dialup

By f-178765 ·
I am unable to connect to the net. I hear a dialtone and dialing but no connection or handshaking.

I recently did a reinstall of my Windows 2000 Pro Operating system, but now the modem won't connect. I have run a query diagnostic and believe the modem is good. Everything looks ok in the query log. However, I noticed that there is a line that says that the reason for the disconnection is that "unable to retrain configruation profile".

I am using a USRobotics 5610b internal modem and have downloaded the latest drivers, but to no avail. Modem log appears to be ok. I did run a Juno Modem Utility diagnostics and the Juno program says that I have the wrong drivers.
I have installed and uninstalled the modem drivers several times and believe that the operating system is looking for the drivers at the following path --> c:\WINNT\Inf I am wondering if the right drivers are being installed? This modem can only be detected by the operating system because it uses virtual comport III. This is a hardware modem that works with both Windows, Dos, and Linux. What do I need to do to fix this problem?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Modem Connection Problem ...

is juno's dialer putting in modem strings or anything? maybe you lack them now...
if there are no bangs or yellow question marks in Device Manager and the modem is dialing, it does sound like it and the drivers are fine.
do you think it was on com3 before your reinstall? do you have your com2 port in the bios disabled? is anything on com1? you could try getting it to move to com2 to see if that might help but i not so sure about that. you would disable com2 in the bios. remove it in Device Manager and the modem and reboot to see if the modem will move to com2. you can also force windows to put it there with lines in config.sys that load realmode driver with com port spec'd...
have you dialed the phone number that the modem is calling (Juno?) with your telephone to see if you can hear connection tones on their end?
are you calling the k56flex number maybe or something? not the v.90 or whatever? do you have another number you can dial for a retest?
perhaps your settings are cutting out the speaker after a connection is made so that is why you don't hear tones. but i can't explain why you don't connect. because the modem does sound fine. i would check usr website for known issues with this modem i guess...
i like to test modems first by looking for bangs in Device Manger then by Modem diagnostics as you have done then finally by HyperTerminal. you can just have HT dial the phone line the modem is hooked to and get a busy signal to see that all is functioning.
so if it works for that then you have a mismatch on the other end betcha or a wrong phone number to put it another way

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by f-178765 In reply to

I figured out the problem. Apparently Juno's network was not configured to accept the PPP protocol from my newly configured opearting system. I discovered the problem by creating a Duns connection, connecting from that and then transmitting system information to their server after I was connected. The Juno Tech Support on the other side sent me a link while my computer was trying to crap out on me. The next day everything worked fine.

Really appreciate your help and input. Computers can be frustrating things.

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by f-178765 In reply to Modem Connection Problem ...

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