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Modem driver

By vincenzol_mu ·
I want know to know what modem I'm usind cause there isn't any idendification on it. I need a driver for it to work.

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If Win9x...

by In reply to Modem driver

If you're using Windows 9x, try using a standars driver initially.
If you have, or can get hold of a copy of Winfax temporarily, installing this and adding your modem will get a reasonable guess as to what modem you have and what compatible driversare around.

Failing that, they're fairly cheap so buy a new one.

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Look closer at the chips and board

by geo1 In reply to If Win9x...

Using a magnifying glass if necessary, look closely at the edges of the circuit board and on the chips for some identification of UART Chip manufacturer. Then try to do a search on the internet for some of the names you find. Common sense will like give you a good idea of which names to search. From the search results you should find a trail to your wanted driver. As mentioned previously, by another responder, the Windows 9X Standard driver will often work, but this will not always allow use of all the features of your particular modem.


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Cheap buy a new one?

by neil In reply to If Win9x...

Are you a moron? The modem works fine why buy a new one? Your no tech your a salesman.

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Type of modem.

by dlanctot In reply to Modem driver

look on the modem for a FCC ID #

then go to the FCC website

You may be able to trace it this way.

Good Luck

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Modem Driver

by sflanagan1 In reply to Modem driver

Goto and download the Driver Detective v2.0 and it will tell you what kind of modem you are using and then you will be able to get a driver for it

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Driver for modem

by nguyen_luan99 In reply to Modem Driver

driver for modem Smartlink 56TS v.90 & X2

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