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I have a modem problem. I have a 56k v.90 modem and appeard to be working ok at first. Now when I click on the connect tab of my ISP provider, I can hear my modem dialing out trying to connect. However, after many attempts of modem dial out I'll get error message 629 "The Port was disconnected by the remote modem or could not establish a connection by the remote modem". I even tried using different access numbers and still have failed attempts. If anyone has a solution to this madness please respond.

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by BFilmFan In reply to modem issues

Do you have your security setting correctly configured?

Are you dialing an ISP? If so, call their technical support.

Do you have a hard coded IP address or are you set to accept a DHCP address?

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by senftk In reply to modem issues

Error 629 is a generic error. It can be many issues. Try these things:

1. verify Username/PASSWORD.

2. Check the network settings, make sure tcp/ip is the selected protocol.
Your ISP can give you any specific settings they may require.

3. Make sure that the Microsoft VPN Adapter is not selected.

4. Recreate the dial up connection.

5. Windows NT? In the Security Tab in Phonebook, make sure that "accept any authentication including clear text" is checked.

6. Modem issue? Use this page for driver updates/init strings:

7. Try disconnecting any phones, caller ID boxes, answering machines, line splitters from line. Plug modem directly into the line. Try using a different phone cord between modem and phone socket. Check for line noise.

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by BHunsinger In reply to modem issues

If you also have adsl on that line, plug the modem into the filter. (not quite the issue mentioned but would knock out fax phone etc.)
Also try your phone dialer to another line to check the modem. See if your Device manager gives you options to test the modem, also check control panel for a place to do that

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by wlbowers In reply to modem issues

Try dialing the number with a regular phone. the isp computer should answer and emit a series of squeals.

Hang up. Now lift the telephone handset and dial a single number. Listen carefully. if you hear static or clicking or popping you have noise on your telephone line. Contact your telephone company.

Now dial with the computer. Have the handset of the telephone picked up with you finter on the hangup button. As the computer starts the squeals release the button so you can hear the tones.

You will hear squeals, squalks then a series of hissing.

If this happens the two computers are talking to each other. The isp could have a problem on their end.

Good Luck Lee

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