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modem issues

By makoni ·
my internal modem only connects of 5 minutes then disconnects. am finding this rather triesome. pliz help!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to modem issues


Does it disconnect even if you are actively browsing, or does it disconnect after a period of inactivity? If the latter, then you need to extend the timeout period in the modem configuration.

Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to modem issues

If the modem is dropping out while it is actively being used there are several options. The first could be a noisy Connection to the modem through the plug in cable which is causing so much interference that it causes the modem to think that there is no signal and drops the connection.

The actual lead could be faulty and need replacing, this happens quite a lot with RJ12 connectors where the wire gets pulled or bent through a sharp angle right at the back of the plug. If that's the case replacing the lead will cure the problem.

You should also plug in a phone to the same connection and listen on the line for any noise. It's more than likely that there is so much noise on the line that the modem is not seeing a valid connection and stopping. This happens quite a lot after rain where the outside connectors have got wet and are no longer making a clean connection. If this is the case it's a problem for the Telco.

Then there are 2 types of Internal Modems the first is a Hardware Modem which can fail particularly if it the case gets full of dust and other rubbish that gets sucked in. Maybe just a good clean out will cure the problem but you need to be careful when you do this as you don't want to allow a static discharge to occur inside the case and destroy the computer.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

The other type of Internal Modem is what is called a Software Modem where most of the work is done by the software with only minimal hardware involved on the actual Card. Several things can happen here the software can become corrupt and cause the Modem to behave unreliably and need reinstalling, or the little hardware that there is can break down generally it's the Decoupling circuits that this happens in where you have a light connection to allow total decoupling between the computers power source and the phone lines, one side emits light and a light sensitive transistor acts on the exposure on the other side of the chip, as this is all internal to the chip which can be a 4 or 8 pin chip depending on if there are 1 or 2 light sources and receptors involved. If this is the case the Modem needs replacing.

But before you do any of this after you have checked the phone line for noise unplug the modem and put it straight back into the socket as sometimes small amounts of corrosion occur and just by pulling it out and replacing it cleans the contacts and allows the unit to work perfectly again.


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