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Modem not detected after downloading AOL

By sweaver00 ·
I have two friends who say they had a problem after downloading the latest version of AOL. They both say the PC cannot detect the modem. AOL won't help them and I can't find anything on Microsoft's web site. Any ideas?


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Modem not detected after ...

sorry, have plenty of AOL problems but don't know those exact symptoms
they are on dial up, yes?
but here are my thoughts:
first see if problem limited to AOL. try modem in hyperterminal or use Modem Diagnostics to see if modem is installed properly and working.
if problem is confined to AOL see what they think about reverting to previous version. would be edifying if that fixed things up again.
see if you can get your friends to tell model of modem (try Control Panel modem or Device Manager/modem). write down modem model and see if the modem drivers are in the new version of AOL by manually setting up (vs having AOL automatically detect)
post back to us with the modem model numbers and the exact AOL version and the OS's

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by reefurbb In reply to Modem not detected after ...

Mr. Hat says it would be nice for people to return to question to indicate problem has been solved. Mr. Stick says it would be nice to know what OS you are using.
In Win98se, go to "my computer", "dialup networking", check the properties of the AOL connection. In "settings", look to see what modem is listed, and use the dropdown to choose another one. If no modem listed, 98 should ask to detect it.

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by nybored2002 In reply to Modem not detected after ...

As a Tech who has dealt with this problem since AOL came out with their faulty new version (just like the garbage before it and you get the idea) and dealing with and fixing all of the problems the most inept AOL tech support on the face of this planet could not fix I just have to say it is a serious problem with AOL 9.0. It does not properly detect any older modems. Even manually configuring the modem lasts about a week or two and then you suddenly have the software re-discovering it has a modem installed and your back to square one. Rule of thumb only install the newest verion of AOL ex.9.0 when they release a "NEWER" version of AOL ex.10.0. It seems by the time they fix all the bugs in the "new" software they release a new version with just as many bugs.
Just install 8.0 and uninstall the AOL companion software it is unneccesary and a drain on system resources. And as an added bonus in startup disable the aol icon, it runs in the background and eats up even more of your resources.

This has been a friendly public service announcment from a fed up AOL user (incidently all of my customers are AOL users who tried the AOL PC-checkup and fried their computers)


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by esimelaro In reply to Modem not detected after ...

Uninstall aol and reinstall pick custom insatlation and pic your modem aol 9.0 defaults to a network connection not a modem.

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by f-3879198 In reply to Modem not detected after ...

I assume you are talking about dialup modems. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the modem. Go into the "Modems" icon in Control Panel and remove any modem listed there. Then go into "Add/Remove Programs", also in Control Panel and see if any software to the modem must be removed. Then reboot and reinstall. However,


As a footnote, I am not surprised no help was available through AOL. I also do not know why people insist on paying 2 -3 times as much as they need to, and have to run all that software, just to get online. There are many good ISPs (internet connection companies) out there that will do it for a fraction of the cost. And most, if not all, of the amenities offered by AOL (and MSN and Earthlink, by the way) can be found for FREE on the internet. Just a thought. :-)

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