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Modem Not Resetting??

By ray ·
My installation is WinXP-Pro. After a boot-up, I can connect with my 56k modem, get e-mail and browse the web. However after disconnecting, a subsequent attempt at connection does logon to my ISP's server. However, e-mail and web browsing are unavailable. I have to "ReStart" Windows to properly connect again.

My suspicion is that the model isn't being reset properly by WinXP. Is there a remedy for this?

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Modem Not Resetting??

by Ann777 In reply to Modem Not Resetting??

1) Make sure you have the XP drivers for your manufacturer and model of modem.

2) Go to a DOS prompt and initiate the modem hangup command manually or create a batch file to do it (check your manual for any specific commands/strings your modem may require).

3) Physically disconnect the modem (telephone line) from either the wall or from the modem) when you are finished using it and the reconnect it when it is needed again. Test and see if the modem will start up again without a reboot. If the modem hardware is working correctly, it should timeout when it is separated from the analog line and work again at being reconnected.

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