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Modem on Win98 HSP56

By dgust ·
At home I have a computer runnig Windows 98 SE that I replaced the modem on. The new one came from CompUSA and is labeled that they made it which I doubt. It is a PCI board with a PCTel chip of the HSP56 design. I have gone to the PCI Tel WEB site and no luck on their part. I should mention that it works flawlessly if I dialup AOL, the browser they supply readily finds the modem and initializes it. However, when I go to the modem icon on the control panel, the modem is not listed and I am prompted to add a modem. I go through the routine and at the end, it still is not listed in the installed modems window. What I have been able to discern is that it is a "software modem" and it is different than normal modems. I am wondering if anyone knows where the modem info for the modem applet is stored and if there is a way to add it directly. I have other software that needs to access the modem but they bring up the add a modem dialog which I go through and at the end they still cannot find the modem! I have changed the HSP56 to use port Comm 2 from Comm 3 but this does not help. I have downloaded new drivers but they work exactly like the existing set. My Earthlink connects through IE and IE cannot find the modem nor can my Fax software!

I am embarassed by this because I work as an IT Professional so I am savvy about editing system files and registry files. I have installed probably 20 modems in my life but this is different. I maintain two domains at work but I never have had a problem like this before. Any help will be appreciated.

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I own one too

by James R Linn In reply to Modem on Win98 HSP56

If I can find the CD that came with it, it had all the drivers for Win 9X.

I didn't have any real problems with the modem, though I noted that even though I had a fast processor (700 Mhz PIII), lots of RAM, it stil didn't run as fast as my old 64 MB PII 300 with a hardware modem.

When I upgraded to XP though, everything changed. XP recognized the modem and had its own drivers for it. I now get about 50% faster file downloads, and connect speeds are typically higher.

Let me know if youwant me to email you the drivers files.


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by dgust In reply to I own one too

I appreciate your offer, I already have the latest drivers. I am considering swapping the modem for a hardware modem someone else has if I can not get more info. Thanks again

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How PCI Modems work

by neil In reply to Thanks

PCI internal modems are strange when it comes to the ports and devices. unlike external modems, they do NOT interface through a physical port (coms 2&1) but rather through a virtual port, (usually starting with com 3) the port gets mapped in DevManager but it's all software. if you are having trouble installing an older (ISA?) modem try and install com3 first (virtual) and try to detect the new modem through ADD/REMOVE H/W. this is how conexant works when installing thier modems (called the Conexant modem enumerator) Hope this sheds some light on the issue

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