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    modem on Windows 2000


    by darrenm ·

    I have a basic 56k modem and dial up account on a windows 2000 machine . I can dial up just fine but no programs can (IE or netscape or ftp program) connect. I do get a ping and my isp says im logged on on their end just fine ??? but again no programs will see the connection ,is there a trick on 2000 or sometype of built in firewall that i should know about . I can see my LAN just fine. Thanks in advance!!!


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      modem on Windows 2000

      by rcsd ·

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      I have this EXACT problem. (In fact I have mentioned it in several answers.) After no less than 10-12 hours of rather detailed experiments and trouble shooting, I cannot solve the issue. The modem works fine on another machine running Win2K, just not my home machine.

      I have decided to wait until the W2K SP-1 comes out (supposedly sometime this month) and see if that fixes the problem. It’s killing me, but it’s making the liquor store rich..

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      modem on Windows 2000

      by mphoffar ·

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      I wonder if you have some type of security settings enabled. I can’t remember exactly where it is, but there’s an options to disable TCP and UDP ports other then just in the network setup. I know in the TCP settings there’s a security button that’ll show you these, but I beleive there’s also another place that needs to be disabled.


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      modem on Windows 2000

      by jesalyer ·

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      Check your ISP to see which 56k protocols they support. disable any modem protocols your modem runs that are not supported by your ISP. Force MNP error control.

      If all else fails, set the modem to v.34 protocols.

      jeff s
      spanish support analyst

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