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Modem onboard,but can not find on ISP

By rivrbyte ·
Hello out there!
I am helping a friend out. He has a Gateway,Pentium III, Win98,64 Sdram someone gave it to him at work, without the startup or Companion CD.
He has been trying to get on the internet using a regular Dial-Up.
In his office at home, he has one phone plug. he was using a splitter (two females into one male) into the phone jack. One for the main phone/fax machine,and one he wanted to use for the computer.
When we plugged the computer line into the other splitter hole,the main phone/fax line goes dead. Sooo, we unplugged the splitter and plugged the puter line directly into the wall phone jack, Started the computer,installed the aol software, and it searched for a modem,but said it could not connect, no modem found. I then went into the Device manager,looked and it had a Gateway 2000-2600 Fax/modem so I went home downloaded a few gateway device drivers for this modem. that did not work,do I (stupidly) removed this modem from the Device manager hoping it would find it again upon re-booting...well it did not.

Will a device driver work? I had three drivers on a floppy disk which were .zip files,I unzipped them,and put them in the temp folder,but that did not work either.

Do I have to buy a new PCI Modem hardware, and install this into his MOBO?

Could it be that the existing Modem hardware does not work anymore?

Do I have to remove/disable the network settings he previously used on this computer at work? I noticed upon one boot-up,it was loading the network settings.

He also has a lexmark printer LPT1 listed in the modem folder under DEVICE MANAGER......... Shouldn't this be listed under the "PORTS" folder in Device manager? I will have him hook up to a USB port if this printer is capable,and had a usb.

Thanks for all who actually read this. Any Ideas?

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by Gigelul In reply to Modem onboard,but can not ...

Regarding modem:
- check in BIOS if it is enabled
- it must use a COMx port
- if it is a WinModem you must identify the cipset, manufacturer, etc. and then the driver (can be very hard to find the right driver!).
But you said that "the main phone/fax line goes dead" when you connect the modem to the phone line. This means that the modem can be dead.

In device manager (Win9 you can't see printers (normaly), only the ports.

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by valis In reply to Modem onboard,but can not ...


YES, a device driver HAS to work, they let the computer talk to the devices, butyou MUST use the CORRECT one. only way you can do that now, is pop open the computer, remove the modem, and find any identifying information on it. manufacturer, model number especially. go to the manufacturer's website, look up the model number, download the correct and latest driver for windows 98

install that one.

if THAT one doesn't work


go to walmart, get another modem for 25.00

good luck

(also, check to make sure RNAAPP isn't running)

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by rivrbyte In reply to Modem onboard,but can not ...

Thanks to all the replies.
It's working now!
What I did was to go to the Desktop>My Computer>Device Manager>Modem,then remove it from the folder. Shut down the Computer. get into the Mother Board and remove the existing Modem, replaced it with a new Modem. I found out that he had a 100 speed Bus and while I was in there,I noticed he only had 64 SDRAM in one slot,so I had some left over from my last Computer and put in a 64 and a 128 Sdram to give the system a total of 256 Ram. Rebooted, installed the modem software,and it works fine!
The Modem (Airlink) was on sale @ Fry's electronics from $17.99 to $9.99,and I cant believe I was trying to get his old one to work when I could not find drivers to work. It's so much less agravating just to go and buy the peice!
Thanks for all your help!

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