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By free_man032001 ·
Hi! Guys, I have problem in my modem connection sometime its connected some not and if iam connected and I disconnect it and connect it again he promt me an error that theirs is no dial tone. I already check my cable, and also my telephone box and its working. Its my modem our my driver is the problem? HELP PLS?

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by carlos.nino In reply to modem problem

It could be a problem with the modem, the drivers, or the phone line. If you disconnect, wait a few seconds and then try to connect again, does it work?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to modem problem

when you get the 'no dial tone' can you walk to a phone and hear the dial tone? if yes, get new modem. if no, maybe the modem but unplug everything connected to your phone line (all phones, fax, answering machines etc) wait a hour or so. maybe something is funking up the phone line or call phone company and ask them to reset your line. then try just your modem first and then the other equipment to see which instrument faulty.
in my experience, it is a comman failure point in modems for the switch that takes it on and off hook to fail. but usually it just flat out fails, not intermittent like you describe (is that what you describe?). see if you can try another modem or see if you can take the stuff somewhere else to try.
imho most common way for modems to fail is as you describe. the switch that takes it off hook fails. you might want to get lightning protection for your computer and PHONE LINE to help prevent future troubles...
ps i would get an external modem if i could afford it. most widely compatible.

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by dmiles In reply to modem problem

Ordinarily, you should be able to regain the use of your phone line as well as your dial tone once you have "Logged Off" of the Internet properly.
If you don't get your dial tone back, ...

1.) Check to make sure that your modem is installed properly,
2.) Check to see if you are using the correct and most current driver for your modem.
3.) Look into your Control Panel then open the Modem icon and check to see if the modem is functioning properly under the diagnostic tab.
4.) Pull the phone cord out of your modem and reseat it after a few seconds.
5.) Pull your modem physically out of the machine and check to see if your modem has been physically damaged, say by lightning or perhaps by some power surge. Look for burned components or discoloration on the board it'self.

If all else fails try a different modem and see if it will release your phone line when you "Log-Off" the internet. As always, you can also reboot your machine to clear all current setting and to reload the original settings. Then check to see if you have your dial tone.

If all of this doesn't work, call your local phone company and have them check your phone line, it could be that they are temporarily down for some reason.

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by csmith In reply to modem problem

Usually this problem is the driver (VXD) is corrupt.
Try reloading it or better updating it. (To be sure it reloads.)
Regards, Chris

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