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Modem Problem

By Lasisi, Abidemi I ·
I am trying to use a conexan pci56k modem for RAS on one of my users desktop but I always get an error message that no dial tone is detect. I try re-installing the modem but the problem still persists. Please, help.

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Don't be offended . . .

by xxx123 In reply to Modem Problem

But did you plug an actual TELEPHONE into that wall jack to be sure there IS a dialtone?

Next, look at your use of COM1 and COM2. If you're using Com1 try Com2 and vice versa.

Next, try a simple dialer program. Windows 98 has a "Phone Dialer" application. Dial any old number and see if you get a dialtone. (It might be there under W95 as well, I just can't remember.)

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by Keyboard Cowboy In reply to Don't be offended . . .

make sure its plugged into the phone
jack that says "line", not phone. Or, if it
only has pictures, then make sure it is
NOT in the one with the telephone.

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check everything

by ChrisMS In reply to Modem Problem

As previously mentioned, plug a phone into the socket to make sure it is live. Also swap cables with a machine you know works, you might have a broken cable, try the PCI card in a different slot, make sure all drivers are present. Basically, remove it tottally & start again. Even install the modem in another machine & try it there.
Hope you get some joy.

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Phone Line Problems

by dpalsen In reply to check everything

Another thing to look at if this is in an office is to make sure you're plugging into an analog line. Many modems won't work with a corporate digital line.

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