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Modem Protocols

By nsg5 ·
I'm trying to get ready for a medicare connection. And when buying the package they what to know wheather I have a HAYES or Z- modem protocol. My question is what is the difference between the two protocols and how do I tell which protocol is compatable with my modem? I know it's running a TCP/IP protocol but, other than that, well I'm clueless...

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Modem Protocols

by tduval In reply to Modem Protocols

HAYES is the first standard command-list for modems. IE : AT is beginning for commands, ATZ is soft reset, at&f is reset to factory settings, ATDy xxx means dial (where y =T for tone, P for pulse, nothing for ISDN) and xxx is your number.
I think nowadays, every modem follow hayes standard, and add it's own specifications. that's why you can always use 'standard modem' to perform simple call. HAYES is so hardware related.

Z-Modem, or X-modem and y-Modem, are TRANSFERT protocols. Ie the way modems on both ways 'speak together' to determine how to transfert files. So protocole is sofware related. You're using a sofware that supports zmodem, so you can use zmodem.

Hoppin' that will help.

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Modem Protocols

by pctech In reply to Modem Protocols

You are correct and both the Hayes compatable and the Z modems will use the TCP/IP protocol for internet access. I beleive the differnce is in the AT commands that they support.

I hope this helps.

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