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modem, start menu, and mouse problems

By richrat2 ·
I have installed w2k on a gateway performance 450 dual-booted with win98-1.

problem-1. w2k doesn't recognize my mouse wheel for scrolling. I can
press the wheel to get an automatic scolling fearture in internet explorer
and other apps that support that feature, but no basic scrolling features
when I move the wheel exist. The mouse works perfectly under 98.

I have updated to the the intellipoint 3.2 version for the mouse, but most
of the wheel properties are greyed out, except for the "assume wheel is
present" option.

Problem-2. W2k displays all of the shortcuts for apps and others in the
start menu/program bar, but the some of these shortcuts in the start
menu/program in windows explorer are not displayed. I could install
something and the shortcut shows up on the bar but not in windows explorer.

Problem -3. I have a 3com/usrobotics internal voice winmodem. I am able to
dial out and connect with my ISP only once under w2k. I have to reboot my
machine every time I want to connect more than once with my modem. The
update for that modem provided by US robotics and Microsoft do not allow the
modem to work at all. Upon connecting, the second time, the modem hangs at
the user verification stage. Under win98, the modem works fine.

I know there are more than one issue, but if anyone knows the correct remedy
for these hardware and OS problems under w2k, I would be very grateful. Also, you will get more points!

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modem, start menu, and mouse problems

by dmiles In reply to modem, start menu, and mo ...

Sounds like you are haveing driver problems and one way to check is to Open Control Panel and double-click the System icon,select the Device manager tab and check for any yellow exclamations marks
1)there may not be a driver to support the wheel-mouse in Win2K,check for updated driver
2)The windows explorer is activated in the WIN98,on the first drive and can be seen but not read,check the view file options in windows explorer
3)this problem requires a driver that is compatible to both OS's,you will need to consider using the modeem with one operating system

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modem, start menu, and mouse problems

by richrat2 In reply to modem, start menu, and mo ...

Thank you for responding to my situations. Unfortunately, none of the remedies have helped these problems. I've already checked updated drivers for both modem and mouse. I've used the updated w2k mouse driver, but the wheel doesn't work rightstill.

The modem works under w2k only once, and then I have to reboot to reconnect to my ISP. This may be a driver problem, but the updated driver for this modem doesn't render my modem to work at all.

The file system is under w2k. I am able to view all my shortcuts in the shortcut bar, but w2k explorer doesn't show many of these shortcuts. This I know is not a file view option problem, as there is nothing there that limits the view of seeing shortcuts in the start menu under windowsexplorer (w2k).

I hope these helped, but I need more detailed descriptions on what I need to correct or add or download.

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modem, start menu, and mouse problems

by richrat2 In reply to modem, start menu, and mo ...

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