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    modem switch


    by euaryann ·

    I received a telephone bill for almost a thousand dollars for visiting porn sites, which I did not do. I had porn popups invitations which I only hit to x to get rid of. I have been researching how this happened. I need real
    tech. advise on how to prove I did not visit these sites and did not know my modem was being switched to long distance.

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      I can?t help you with the bill, but…

      by thomas.weidinger ·

      In reply to modem switch

      there is a new hardware that stops 0190-numbers or any others you programm to this hardware.
      I think you have a connection to the net via phone, isn?t it?
      If you have phone-connection try this hardware only for a week (that?s no cost).

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        I can’t help with the bill either but……

        by p.hodgeson ·

        In reply to I can?t help you with the bill, but…

        So it doesn’t happen again try deleting your cookies from a folder named just that on the root of your hard drive….thats where they store informtion about your computer, hence able to connect you to the website plus all these annoying pop ups.But you must have visited a least one site for all this to have started….

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          to p.hodgeson

          by euaryann ·

          In reply to I can’t help with the bill either but……

          Your anwer verifies how big my problem is. I only have my word that I did not visit these sites: not even one time. You see I hate porn and am very careful not to open any email or site that I think is porn related. This is happening to other internet users also, I am not alone, but how can we use our computers to prove that we did not visit these sites.

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