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    Modem unreliable hang up.


    by trevorwhite ·

    I Have an Windows 2K server installation which unfortunately has to rely on a dialup connection for mail and internet access. The modem is configured to drop its connection to the ISP after 1 min (but have tried up to 10mins) of idle time. About 30% of the time it doesn’t drop its connection because there is some sort of traffic even though all email is collected or there are no browser sessions active.

    How do I track down the source of the traffic and how do I prevent it from holding the modem connection up. I suspect the answer lies with the ISA server and logs but don’t really know where to start.

    Any help or pointer to white paper, FAQ etc would be gratefully rx’d.

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      Reply To: Modem unreliable hang up.

      by curacao_dejavu ·

      In reply to Modem unreliable hang up.

      In the isa server management, server and arrays , sessions, you can see what session is keeping the connection open.
      Also if you open ISA server performance monitor, and check the graphs (active sessions , etc you can see again if there are still open connections )

      check out on how to enable logging.

      last but not least, are you sure you configured the isa server properly that except the email , no other protocols and stuff may access the internet (in isa server management, servers and arrays, access policy, protocols rules).



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