Modem - wireless router - pc Internet is not working...

By parthiv_13 ·
I have modem which was plugged in to Netgear wireless router. And that router was plugged in to laptop. I was able to use that either way wired and wireless. Modem to Laptop if I connect then that connection was working fine too. Now suddenly I am having prob with my set up. Which is Modem to Router to Laptop. Its not working that way. I can connect Wireless to Laptop but not able to get internet by modem > Router > Laptop. I can get internet by Modem to Laptop directly.

Now I am an IT geek and professional I have done almost all the thing then also am not getting any solution for this. Do anyone is having any solution for this ?

I have tried to log on to router settings but its not opening by or 0.1 or 1.0 or o.1 or any combination. Also which is default to access Netgear its also not working.

Waiting for solutions thank you.

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Try this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Modem - wireless router - ...

Remove the Power Leads from the Modem and Router.

leave both devices disconnected from the mains for at least 10 seconds and then reconnect them.

Allow enough time for both devices to Boot Up and stabilize and then try connecting and see if you now have a Internet Connection.

Quite often these devices get hit by a Power Spike and they Hang. When this happens you need to remove the Power leave them for a short time and then plug back in.

If you have pressed the Reset Buttons on either the Modem or Router or both you'll need to reset the settings in these devices to get them working again.


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by parthiv_13 In reply to Try this

Damm. I tried this all things and it was not working. Though once again I though to do something different with new wires and unplugged all things. Instead of using new wires I though let me try once with old ones again. Wallah its working :)

Hahaha. I say I did all the things as you said before also. Though it didn't work. Now its working. (Did you chant any words for this Kidding)..

Thanks its working.

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Probably didn't allow the capacitors to discharge

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Working..

I've done that in the past when I've had a customer breathing over my neck wanting to know why it's not working yet.

These days I don't rush quite so much but when I do it always comes back to bite me. I still remember installing some MP3 players on a system that was used to play music in a club. When I installed the third MP3 Player there was no sound and no way to get it back other than starting from scratch. For some reason that computer didn't go back the same night as 2.5 hours to replace the M'Board and reload just wasn't enough time. The more that I rushed the worse things got.

But here's a hint Do Not Install I Tunes, Win Amp and Rocket MP3 at the same time without a reboot after every install. If you do the Sound disappears and you can not roll back to an earlier time and have it work again. Well at least not on the computer I was rebuilding.


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