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Modem won't drop the line

By scooperscb ·
The modem won't drop the line, even after clicking on disconnect on the communications icon on the toolbar which then closes. The only way to disconnect is to remove the phone cable.
Any ideas, the pc is running XP Home SP1, and is using a Convex 56K Internal modem

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Try this........

by adam In reply to Modem won't drop the line

Try ctrl-alt-del, go to the task manager.....

I there is a process running called RNMAP.exe (or something VERY similar, cant totally remember off the top of my head), end it.

This will close the modem connection and make it available to other applications.

hope this helps!

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The problem is usually

by GuruOfDos In reply to Modem won't drop the line

A faulty line interface in the modem. In most countries, all modems need additional protection between the line and the audio modulator/demodulator (MoDEM) to prevent damage to the phone line in event of failure, and to provide the correct termination (Ringer Equivalence Number and impedance, etc.) to the line. If the modem is not hanging up the line, despite disconnecting then more than likely, one or more of the components (usually a diode or transistor) in the line interface has failed. Decent modems have a physical relay in the interface and this can be heard clicking when an attempt is made to connect or disconnect. Cheaper modems don't have this and rely on a transistor switch to hang up or pick up the line. Unless you are a whizz with a test meter and a soldering iron, forget it. With modems costing less than $US 10 these days, just get a new modem.

However, some XP drivers for modems exhibit this problem (Motorola especially). Using another computer, download the very latest drivers from the manufacturers web-site. Even brand new 'fresh out of the box' modems rarely have the latest drivers and often older ones are twitchy with XP. I had a motorola modem in a laptop that worked beautifully under 98 but failed under XP even with the 'correct' drivers. Normal dial up to an ISP was intermittent at best, but attempting to use AOL just caused XP to 'blue screen' and reboot. A new driver had only just been released that week, and installing that cured the problem.

My money, however, is on the line interface being faulty!

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