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modify an exe file

By justmakingit ·
I am wondering hox I can modify an exe file. Is there a program out there that will let me see the make up of it. I don't know what program was used to create the file but is there a generic program that will let me modify it.

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not bloody likely

by wordworker In reply to modify an exe file

Unless you're lucky enough to have a DE-compiler that will work on the EXE, you're probably out of luck. The whole purpose of the EXE is to prevent people from modifying the code.

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by Oz_Media In reply to modify an exe file

You will need to know what the code is compiled in C, C++, VB, Python etc. and then be able to DECOMPILE it, in which case yuo will need access to the program itself, as said before "not bloody likely".

If this was MS for example, someone could have actually fixed the various Windoze flavours and made them work, I don't think MS would like that too much as people would realize what a joke they are.

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sorry everyone

by justmakingit In reply to No

I was looking around to find a way to change to logon screen for win xp. I did find out how tho and what program to use.

Sorry I didn't specify that I wanted to modify the ntoskrnl.exe file, my fault

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Just be careful

by TheChas In reply to sorry everyone

Some of the programs that allow you to modify the log-on screen for XP can cause your system to not boot.

Also, make sure to perform a thorough check for Viruses and spy-ware on any downloads from the sites that offer boot screen images.


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Modify an exe file

by wnovak In reply to modify an exe file

- I use to take the old write.exe from win3.1...
- Open files, select your exe file, do not use the conversion...
- Example MSWord.exe, you can change the access of the ini file it uses. Another example you change DOS to instead of files copied, change to files deleted...
- Then save, it is a lot of fun...

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