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    modifying a system folder in XP Home


    by it-zeke ·

    I have a customer who’s X initialized the laptop that is now hers. She would like to rename (and better yet delete) the user name for that folder. But when deletion was tried at the simple Explorer level she gets “[User Name] is a widows system folder and is required for Windows to run properly. It cannot be deleted.” When I go into the registry, I can see his username. Do I dare change it to hers? or will that cobble everything?

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      by it-zeke ·

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      Admin Login

      by gsquared ·

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      XP Home has a sort of fake admin login setup. It sounds like his login is the one that was used when installing XP as the “admin”.

      You might be able to edit that in the Users part of the Control Panel. I’m not sure. But that’s where I’d start.

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      Rename the account

      by w2ktechman ·

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      and assign a new PW to it

      control panel — admin tools — computer management — users and groups — users

      right click on the username to reset PW and again to rename

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        XP Pro V XP Home

        by it-zeke ·

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        That thread is fine in XP Pro but Users and Groups is not under Comupter Management in Home. When I look at her User Accounts in Home the name doesn’t appear. that’s why the question on the Registry level

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          another solution

          by vlape ·

          In reply to XP Pro V XP Home

          might not be the path u are looking for but might want to advise her to just reload the system. Think about it, was the X’s could have spyware malware or tracking software on it. instead of spending hours screwing with the reg take the 45 min to do a sys restore. Just make sure u backup the docs and settings folder.

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      by sue t ·

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      if I remember correctly – reboot the computer into safe mode. Enter the username and password you are trying to change at the logon screen. then open users and groups and that account should show and you can change the name and password if you wish OR you could leave that account – give it a good strong password and make her a new administrator account (you will have to use a name other than administrator) and that way if for some reason this new administrator account corrupts you will have a backup account that has administrator rights.

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