modifying one of two 'system folders'

By Sebastian42 ·
Over the years I accumulated new accounts with strange names like All_Users.Windows and Owner.Owner-codenumber. After suitably transferring their contents, I have been able to delete the ORIGINAL accounts, but these two resist deletion and renaming because they are 'System Folders'. I expect there to be ONE that resists renaming, but TWO seems excessive. These two are in addition to Administrator and they are found in Documents and Settings. Is there any possibility of simplifying/rationalising these account/user names (or at least one of the two) ? If so, how ?

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Usually those accounts show up after

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to modifying one of two 'sys ...

you've done a re-install of Windows into an existing Windows folder (ie: without reformatting when doing a reinstall).

Usually the one with the ".Windows" or ".owner-codenumber" are the "New" accounts and you wouldn't want to delete them....however, you could delete the "All_Users" & "Owner" accounts as they would be tied to the "old" Windows you would want to move any useful files from them to the .Windows & .Owner-codenumer accounts which are the ones that are currently in use.

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You hit the nail on the head in every respect.

by Sebastian42 In reply to Usually those accounts sh ...

Out of interest I might add, that allthough you CAN go through the motions of cutting and pasting from one account into another, it seems to be an illusion, as the pasted material is not there after the process. I think the way around that is to paste into Shared Folders, and THEN from Shared Folders into whichever account you want.
I have also found profiles multiplying by booting as Administrator into Safe Mode, [but also other manouvres unintentionally create them]. The latter tend to be deletable.

In practice, I have found the issue so complex, inconsistent and frustrating that I've given up on that system and replaced it with a fresh install.

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