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Modifying the registry

By KPotts ·
I need to modify teh Windows 2000 Pro registry because I need to enter a different key. Is this possible with Windows 2000? I know it is in every other version. I can get at the ID in the registry but can not find the key value.

If I am not able to modify the registry with the Product Key - if I just do a re-install over top of the exsisting Windows 2000 will it ask me for a key?

Ultimatley I am trying to get away with not having to re-format and re-install Windows 2000.

Thanks for you help.


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by CG IT In reply to Modifying the registry

#1 modifing the registry is a last resort method to solving a problem. #2 if you don't know what your doing modifing the registry, you'll cause more problems that you started out with. #3 if you muck up the registry, you'll need to probably reinstall the O/S as undoing what was mucked up is the same as #2 above.

Now you say you need to modify the registry to enter a different key, I'm assuming your referring to a CD Key, that begs the question of why? If you have a W2K CD with the CD Key you aren't gonna need a different CD key. If your trying to do an unattended network install of W2K to a client computer and you need to add in the answer file the CD key, then thats another issue all together.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Modifying the registry

you may be able to 'recover' your existing windows 2000 install if i read you correctly. see more info at you will need to boot from your installation cd

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by ysamala In reply to Modifying the registry

1st save ur registry entries using export and save it in a safe place.and do wat ever u want and if it does not work and u want to restore it then go to safe mode and import the registry
good luck

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