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By tarkers ·
I use Moka5 ( It's an extention of the free VMWare player.

What does it do?
I have an oldish 60Gb freecom usb drive, i ran the Moka5 utility to build an XP image, installed all the apps that i need and data etc. You then create a Moka5 image and run your virtual PC directly from the usb device. Whenever i go on-site, i just plug it into a server or pc and bootup my full pc.
Another great thing about Moka5 is that you can publish you Moka5 PC to a webhost, so then you can stream your entire PC from anywhere with a browser.


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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Moka5

"Whenever i go on-site, i just plug it into a server or pc and bootup my full pc."

What site would let you do such a thing - adding a workstation to a network running x software without authorisation (in reality). THIS and plugging in a 60GB HDD vis USB to a server that does not belong to you.

I can see the idea but the chances of actually doing this are slim. Still may be a good idea for the quick throw away PC image...

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by JamesRL In reply to What?

When I was a Tech working on Macs, this was commonplace - External SCSI device, you held down a key to change the boot order and voila, you boot from the external device. Its very useful for situations where you want to run off a known good drive and run utilities on a bad internal one.

Of course if you build a bootable CD as many threads here discuss, it serves the same purpose.


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For that it would be good...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Interesting

but plugging it in to a server - hmmm I don't know.

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by JoosSearch In reply to Moka5


I think Moka5 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. VMWare solved a problem by decoupling hardware from software. Moka5 makes it so that you can share your computers with friends. It's a lovely platform on top of VMWare. I use it all the time.


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