molex adaptor to install ssd

By maggielou43 ·
Hi, I bought a samsung 840, 120GB SSD. I wanted to install it beside my existing sata drive, but the existing drive uses the only sata connection on my desktop pc

I understand that the SSD can be connected using a molex to sata adaptor. I have spent several hours looking on the internet & already purchased one incorrect adaptor. Please can you help as I dont understand why i am having so much difficulty getting the right adaptor. I though they would be pretty common.

I need a 4pin molex to sata ssd adaptor. My samsung disk has 15 pins, space then 7 pins There is a good photo to view http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-Series-120GB-Solid-State. However it is also confusing. This is the actual drive that I bought but in the photo the connection appears to be female, whereas the connections on my drive are male. ie It has the brass pins and needs a connection that the pins will insert into.
On the existing drive the main 15pin goes to a molex connection and the 7pin has a black cable connecting straight into the mobo.

Assuming I can get the correct adapter, can i just connect it to any of the available molex connectors. thanks

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They are common

by gechurch In reply to molex adaptor to install ...

You want a female molex to female SATA power adapter. You're right that they're common. If you do a search for 'molex to sata' 90% of the results will be for the adapter you want. You can also get adapters that go the other way (let you use a SATA power cable to power a drive with a molex connector). This is probably what you bought.

For reference here's what you need: http://www.aerocooler.com/product_info.php?products_id=5111

You'll plug this in the same way as your other drive - with a 7-pin data cable going to the motherboard (these are commonly red, but colour makes no difference) and with a 15-pin connector connecting to a molex power connector via the adapter you buy. Yes - you can connect it to any of the available molex connectors.

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sorry, submitted a repy 2 days ago but obviously did not get processed.

by maggielou43 In reply to molex adaptor to install ...

Hi As above I replied to thank you for your help, info and link which were very helpful. Im such a plonker, I was looking for an adapter that combined the power & data cables. Anyway your info and link allowed me to see things more clearly and now i have got everything up & working, well almost!!!!!!!!

I installed win 7 on the sata 320Gb hdd. all activated and ok. Installed win 7 on the SSd 120GB HDD using the same disk & key. Appeared to go ok but then today i had a message saying the incorrect key had been used.
Could you confirm please that this is because win 7 has been installed on 2 HD drives using the same COA. I thought that this would be ok because they were being used by the same mobo on the same pc and obviously can only be used one at a time. its not a big problem as tomorrow I will be formatting and installing Ubuntu on the SSD drive.

During bootup I tap the esc key and this opens the bios page to a choice of drives to boot.
Ie. cd/dvd : sata WD : SSD Samsung. Is this the best way of choosing the drive to boot??

Well all appeared to be going well but the two USB ports on the front of the casing dont work.
I tried uninstalling all the usb hubs, power off/restart, in the hope that windows would activate the drivers but was not successful. Can you help please.

finally the windows office documents.wps saved on my usb drive will not open. I assume this is because I have not installed any windows office programmes. Abi word is installed and I thought that this was supposed to be compatible with windows documents and vice versa.

Not a big problem as I can open them with vista on my laptop, copy & paste the text onto an abi word doc and save in abi word.
Do you think this would work ok or is there a better way please. i really really hate windows task launcher/word processor/libraries/file system.. Over ambitious making it arduous, and troublesome to use and find documents.

Again many many thanks for your help. Cheers M

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to sorry, submitted a repy 2 ...

I'm glad to hear you sorted it out, and thanks for posting back to let us know.

Wow, you've got quite a few other issues there! A quick answer to each:
* The activation will not work automatically over the Internet because you've activated that way so recently. If you use the phone option to activate it will work. (Note: I'm not 100% of the legality here. OEM copies of Windows are for that PC only, so if your motherboard for example dies technically you'd need to buy a new copy of Windows. I'm not sure whether having two copies of Windows on two drives in the same PC is legal or not. Not that any of this matters since you're moving to Linux anyway).
* The escape key at bootup is fine. If you always (or mostly) wanted to boot off a particular drive you should enter the BIOS (usually by hitting Del) and change the order of hard drives in there. This will make it a permanent change instead of manually selecting each time. When you install Ubuntu I believe it will detect the Windows installation and create a boot menu for you. In this case you should make sure the BIOS is set to boot off your SSD Ubuntu drive, and allow Ubuntu's OS selection menu to run.
* Do your rear USB ports work? If so then it's not a driver issue - it's a physical fault. If your rear USB ports don't work then it's a drive issue. The USB drivers are part of the chipset installation, so find, download and install the chipset driver for your motherboard and that will fix the issue.
* .wps documents are Microsoft Works documents. Programs like Abiword are compatible with Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) documents, but generally not with Works. Microsoft provide a free converter (Google "Microsoft Works 6–9 File Converter") that lets Word open Works documents. I've only ever tried it with Word, but it might also work with Abiword.

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to sorry, submitted a repy 2 ...

That's meant to be Works 6-9 Converter. I copied and pasted that name... it must have contained an en- or em-dash that Techrepublic didn't like.

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All sorted. many thanks.

by maggielou43 In reply to molex adaptor to install ...

Hi wow!!!!!!!!!!! thats all that sorted then. Thanks again.. Ooops forgot the usb's Yep the usb ports in the rear of the tower work ok so I think I dislodged a cable/wire when installing the SSd. hopefully I will be able to find it and re-attach it, but not to worry i have just ordered a 4 x hub X usb connection.

looking forward to getting ubuntu installed and my new wireless printer. (Quite ambitious at my age) Much as I love linux/ubuntu/lubuntu/mint/etc. I really struggle with it sometimes but its the challenge that keeps me young.

I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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