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Momentary loss of shared drives

By CurtisInterruptus ·
We are running a total Windows 2000 network. Periodically users will lose connection to ALL shared drives. It happens randomly and I have been unable to track it down to its root cause. Most of the time, the users' shared drive connectivity will almost immediately return when they attempt to access them. When it happens, an error message comes up on their screen complaining about losing connection to the shared resources. (I will try and capture one, but they are random in nature)

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by mfischer In reply to Momentary loss of shared ...

Try checking the GPO for policy that sets "log off idle users". More than likely it's severing the connection because of policy.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Momentary loss of shared ...

Try running this from the Win2K server (where the shared drives map to) and on the user workstations:


hope this helps

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by nat-l-qh In reply to Momentary loss of shared ...

Please read Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 297684, which will give you solution for disconnecting shared drives on Windows 2000 Server.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Momentary loss of shared ...

I'm betting that your NICs on the server and workstations are set to AUTO Negotiate the link speed. Try setting them to the proper speed and duplex i.e. 100 half duplex depending on the NIC these properties may have there own option or be together. Right click on Network places then again on the LAN connection and choose properties on the resulting window, click the NIC's configure button and go to advanced to find the link speed settings. This should clear up your problem. If it is an application issue and the drives are disconnecting because of being idle then CAREFULLY look for this regkey:
edit the default is F (15 MINS) for 2000 make FFFF and for XP make FFFFFFFF.

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