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Monarch GPF in GDI.EXE

By mmullis ·
Hello everyone. I hope you can help me. I'm literally banging my head against a wall trying to work with one of our Compaq P2-300 computers. Our users run a program called Monarch. One particular user consistantly receives a "Monarch has caused a General Protection Fault in module GDI.EXE", usually at random, but today only when attempting to print to a HP 4000 network printer. All my efforts have failed, including re-installing and/or updating Monarch, the printer driver, and running a registry cleaner. Any other thoughts?

Mike Mullis
PC Support Technician
US Foodservice
Columbia, MD.

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Monarch GPF in GDI.EXE

by gigabit In reply to Monarch GPF in GDI.EXE

A couple of issues and questions. First of all what is the os 95 or 98 and is it Microsoft or Compaq oem? second what patch os patch level are you using 95 osr2 98 se ? . What is you lan environ ? token or ether ? About two years ago we saw similar problems with compaqs oem version of win 95 osr two in our token ring segments. There were several different approaches to resolve this problem. Are you positive that the monarch software is the culprit and not a symptomatic victim of a spool 32 type problem. ok, on to the problem here except from a site "Gdi.exe is a DLL, notwithstanding its extension. It is the 16-bit part of the Graphics Device Interface, one of the Windows core components, and it takes care of what you see on your screen.

So the display adapter has to be taken into account here. Sometimes, the things that the GDI expects your display to do, it isn't able to do. Updating is obviously the first option--read our article about updating hardware (drivers) toknow what you should

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Monarch GPF in GDI.EXE

by mmullis In reply to Monarch GPF in GDI.EXE

I'm sorry. I should have clarified those things. This is Windows 95 version B, on an ethernet LAN.

I suspected Monarch at first, but re-installing it didn't help. I will try to locate some updated video drivers next.

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