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Monday WaterCooler - pre Thanksgiving

By jdclyde ·
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And what a weekend it was. First year for my boys to come hunting with me, so we rented a cabin up in Mio Michigan for the weekend. (The WiFi was down because of a lightning strike, in case people were wondering why it was nice and quiet around TR for the last few daze.)

Four days in the woods, and it was great. Never shot a thing, and had a great time. (letting Bambi get bigger for next year!)

My bud came along, so we would split up. He took thing two with him and thing one came with me. (my twin boys). They actually saw one, but by the time they could identify if it was a buck or not, it was gone. Thing Two was still excited about it.

Did some of the other hunting traditions. Took them to the lounge at the bowling alley and shot some pool. Would have gone to the bar, but it was full already and smokey.

Watched some DVD's in the cabin as well.

Gave them a little bit of beer, one bottle split three ways. Red Stripe was too "watery" for them, so the next night we had Killians. That was much better. No future Budlite drinkers in this family. (no, they didn't finish the glass either)

They see that I NEVER have more than a few, and I remember my grandpappy used to always give me some of his beer when I was little. Took the mystery away, so there was never the big deal about sneaking out to drink like many of the other kids in school. Much more fun to be the sober one laughing at the people as they purge......

Thing One had brought along my guitar instead of his, because mine has the hardshell case for it. had a lot of fun with that as well.

Going back up Friday. I can't wait.

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Sounds Great!

by ccthompson In reply to Monday WaterCooler - pre ...

Sounds like you had a great time. Hunting season here starts Monday after Thanksgiving(cant wait). Not renting a cabin, although thats on the list of things to do one of these years.

I have twin girls, although, they are far too young to go hunting, im sure they would still enjoy the cabin and surrounding wildlife.

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Renting Cabins

by jdclyde In reply to Sounds Great!

You would be surprised just how affordable a cabin is to rent. Can get them as low as $70 a night, and if you can get someone to go in on it, that cuts it back real quick.

Also, check the State Campgrounds as they usually will have cabins for rent as well that are very affordable.

Hunting camp is always more fun with more people.

Getting the girls out in the woods early is important. I used to take my boys for the weekend when we would go out scouting the woods. We would also put out bait piles before the season just to get them in the area, but not during the season.

Aren't twins great?!?! (yes, they are!)

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How I long for the WOODS

by mjd420nova In reply to Monday WaterCooler - pre ...

Born and raised in Minnesota, I really long for the days in the woods. Spent many a weekend out in the northern wilds. Hunted for deer, moose and bear. Only get to go up once a year, usually in February. Spend the time walking in the woods, as it's to civilized now for most of the wildlife to even come close. Still enjoy the birds and beavers, not forgetting the squirrels and chipmunks. The cabin is just a garage on the edge of a lake, built by my dad one summer. Wood stove, outdoor toilet, all the comforts.

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Must be rough in CA

by jdclyde In reply to How I long for the WOODS

when you just want to get away from everyone and everything.

The cabin had gas and electricity, but we mostly just used the fireplace. Just about the best heat you can experience without a partner is from the open fire.

three months and counting?

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JD...great for you, my friend! :)

by vanessaj In reply to Monday WaterCooler - pre ...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm glad to hear the boys are experiencing life, love and happiness with their dad. And I appreciate the little vacation I got just reading about it. Thanks for sharing with us.

I hope your Christmas is just as wonderful or more so! :) Take care of you!

- V

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Hey Van

by jdclyde In reply to JD...great for you, my fr ...

thanks for coming along for the ride!

The next weekend was fun too. Got a bigger cabin, so we had even more room to spread our wings!

On the last day as we were getting ready to leave, we let the boys try all the weapons.

My blackhawk 44mag, my buds taurus 44mag, his 12gage shooting 00buckMAG, as well as the slugs for their 20 gage that I had bought them.

The boys were bummed that no one could come close to me shooting the 44's. B-)

They are going to love it when I rejoin my gun club in Feb. indoor pistol range, heated. I will bring a few of my buds and we all bring our handguns, laying them all out on a table so anyone can use anything. The last time we got together we had 12 handguns, and went through about 1300 rounds. What a way to spend a sat night!

As for Thanksgiving, the boys were out at their female parental units, so I cleaned house and sat around like a loser.

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Wow. Very cool.

by vanessaj In reply to Hey Van :x

Wish I had been there. It sounds really terrific! Sorry about the Thanksgiving part - having to spend it by yourself and all. Why do I imagine you cleaning house with a sly little grin on your face thinking about how much fun the boys had with you and how bored they would be at the "other's" that day. C'mon, you rule and you know it. There's no way that they sat there the whole day, especially eating a turkey that they didn't shoot, and NOT talk about what fun they had with you the day before - and wishing they were still hanging with you.

You know what they say...the best revenge is to live well and be happy (or something like that). But I am still sorry that you had to spend the day alone. Next time, you're invited to New York. Walt and I cooked a 20 lb turkey and had a few friends and one of his brothers over. It was good. Not exciting really, no .44's or 12 guages, but a nice time was had by all.

Are you going to get the boys for Christmas? Or will they still be spending it with the "other"?

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Still sorting Christmas out

by jdclyde In reply to Wow. Very cool.

Because officially we still are in joint custody, I am not sure how much she will push the point. After lots of back tracking and calculations, it would technically be her week the week they have off for "winter break", but as she works most of that AND we have been on the alternate weekend for her only, I will check to see what days she will have off and offer her to have them for half of the week off.

As for the rest of the days, Eve is always mine and day up till noon is mine. She then gets them for the next few daze to spend with her family (divorced parents, so she has one day with her mom, one with her dad).

Last year, she picked them up on Christmas day and then had them for the next week. I took my tree down on Christmas day because Christmas was over.

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Well, this year...

by vanessaj In reply to Still sorting Christmas o ... just leave that tree up and dance around it another day or two after Christmas. I know it's mostly about the kids...but you can't deny your own little JD inside of you, either. Have a party, cook for others, play your fav vid game by the tree lights, start a new hobby, whatever...

I want to hear that you left your tree up until July! Just enjoy it for yourself this year. Plan something special for yourself without the Things, if they aren't going to be around. Fill the next two or three weeks with "JD stuff". Even if you have to buy something for yourself for Christmas that no one else would get for you (new hobby, new tools, new gamestation, anything). And have your own little celebration that your time is your own and revel in your freedom. Anything but taking that tree down and hanging out the "closed" sign on the holiday. I would love to hear about what a wonderful time you had, right into January, skiing in Vermont, cruising to the Islands or painting your living room (of course I would prefer the latter, myself. Weird I know.).

And that's an order young man. Don't make me come up there!!!

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