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I have a dell moniter, the moniter power is okay(orange light is visible), but no display(no green light)
when CPU is connected to other moniter there is display ,kindly solve my problem?

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Res Too High

by Norehca In reply to moniter

This is most likely because that monitor doesnt support the resolution / refresh rate your using.

Does the monitor work during POST(at startup)? If not check all connections.

If it does show, either go into safe mode, and uninstall the drivers. This way when you start back up the resolution and refresh rate will revert back to 640x480 and a refresh rate of 60. Changing the resolution in safe mode will not work, the settings will not be saved when you restart.

If you have another monitor, try that one, and change the resolution to something like 1024x768 and the refresh rate down to 60. Normally its the refresh rate that willd o something like this. Monitors usually support resolutions past 1280x1024.

Best idea would be to look up your monitor and figure out the modes it supports.

If this doesnt work, and your sure all the connections are fine between the monitor and computer, the monitor may be dead. If no monitor will work on your computer even at POST its most likely the video card.

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