moniter has no picture

By skate4life0647 ·
ok well me and my freind traded computers and when it was on the sound wasent working so i unpluged the sound cord and pluged it in a diffrent slot that dident work so i tried again and somehow i acedently disconected the sound card and then my moniter stoped showing a picture and after turning the computer of and then back on it still wont turn on but i have tried diffrent cords diffrent outlets disconectine and reconecting the video card and memoery and i have run out of ideas please help

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You need to give more

by zlitocook In reply to moniter has no picture

Infromation about the computers and what O/S they are running. You just said I swapped computers with my friend and the sound and video stopped working.
Why did you swap computers and did you check the computers to be sure they would except the others programs?

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The very first thing to do

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to moniter has no picture

Is check the Monitor on a different computer to make sure that it actually works.

If it does then you can start to do some basic trouble shooting on this system but until you know if the monitor is actually working you are wasting your time & effort.


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