moniter problems

By smiths.kyle ·
i have rencently bought a second hand computer and after putting in all the new hardware i switched it on and their was a harddrive error, i fixed that and ever the since the moniters did not work. The l.e.d on them lights up when the computer is switched on but the screen remains blank or reads "imput error" i have tested it on other moniters but the problem remains the same.

some help would be appreciated =]

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Insufficient info for an accurate answer ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to moniter problems

What make and model is this 2nd hand computer?

"..putting in all the new hardware.." - WHAT hardware?

You mention 'moniters' so I'm assuming you have multiple monitors - how many?

Does this computer have a 3rd-party graphics card? If so you should remove and re-seat it, then try booting the computer.

How did you 'fix' the hard drive error?

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Here it would also help to know if the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to moniter problems

Monitor ever produced a picture since you have had it.

If it did and you then set about looking at the HDD to fix a problem there it's possible that you have dislodged a Video card so you'll need to remove and re-seat it or maybe you have introduced a Hardware Conflict where more than one item is using a IRQ or DMA on the M'Board and this is preventing the Monitor from working.

The answer here is to reduce the unit to thew bare minimum after reseting the Video card and if that doesn't work remove everything but the M'Board & CPU, 1 Stick of RAM, and the Video Card and see if it starts and produces Video now. If if does then add one piece at a time till it either stops or is fully assembled.

If you post back with the details of this system we may be able to offer more advice.


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