Moniter to VGA card?

By zaidali83 ·
Hi guys, my first time asking for help
wish that someone might help me,
my friends computer is desktop PC, Motherboard intel, P4 proces.,....etc, he asked me to connect an NIC card so I did and I could access the network very easy, the funny problem was that the PC case was leand on one of the sides, when I put up in its right position suddenly the screen stoped desplaying what I was doing...............!!!!, but it is still working, I leand the computer again turn it on the signal to the screen was normal, but when I move the case the signal disappear!!, I tried to replace the screen same probem, I did replace the VGA card, it worked but when it was leaned, so I know what you are thinknig leave it on it's side, but I really need some good suggestions, to see if I am missing something, ok guys waiting for your support,

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Missing an insulator

by mjd420nova In reply to Moniter to VGA card?

I've seen this a few times before. Look for a missing or dis-lodged insulating washer on one of the standoffs that mount the system board. Possibly near the video card. It will require that you unmount the system board, but with it leaning and a good display, push down on the board with a plastic strip or even a pencil eraser, anything that is not a conductor. Look near any screws heads on the system board, and it could even be a missing insulator on the top side of the board too. These can be difficult to locate so good luck.

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to mjd420nova

by zaidali83 In reply to Missing an insulator

thanx man I will try it, hopfuly it works and reply if the problem is solved or not solved, thanx again.

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One other thing to check

by mjd420nova In reply to to mjd420nova

The other type of failure I've that gives the same indication is when the socket that the video card sits is split. The plastic at one end or the other gets cracked and fails to make a good tight fit. Hard to track down on AGP machines as theres not another slot to try it in and test it.

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AGP Card

by TheChas In reply to Moniter to VGA card?

Assuming this is an AGP card, the flexing of the case that happens when you turn the case could be pulling the card out of the socket.

AGP cards use a connector with interleaved pins. The card only needs to pull a few thousandths of an inch out of the slot to lose contact.

On more than 1 system, I have had to modify the slot bracket so that it forced the card fingers further into the AGP socket.


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