Moniter wont display an image

By ramzzhakim ·
Recently, I got an Nvidia 6800 AGP and an Nvidia 6600GT PciE. I put the 6600 in and it worked fine for about 2 months when I went to the 6800 for fun. it worked for about 1 month and then my hard drive crashed. I got a new one and replaced it. I reformatted and installed my OS (XP Home). No matter how many fresh installs I did every time I put in a cat5 cable to the mobo RJ-45 port I would get a restart along with the mobo USB port. Finally I gave up and just lived with it. Then My computer would randomly restart when a headphone jack was plugged into the mobo. Now the PciE 6600GT won't display any image and The AGP won't either, there is no intergrated graphics, and I have tried an MX440, 6200 LE, and an FX5500. None work enough to display an image. Then I got an image to display but No IDE channels were detected. I unplugged everything save for my boot C drive, Shazam! It worked and started booting. Then as soon as I plugged in a headphone jack, it rebooted and wouldn't display anything. I have a 675 Watt PSU that is known to be a little flaky but am not sure that it is the problem 'cause I Tried a 400 Watt PSU and no improvement occurred. Is this a graphics card problem? A PSU issue? Or is my Motherboard dying?

AMD 3200+ OC to 2.45 Ghz
6800 AGP or 6600Gt Pcie
675 Watt SLI certified PSU
Socket 939
1.5 gigs RAM (Pc2100)
2 Hard drives
Cd rom & Dvd Rom drive

Please Help me get mah compooter back up and running UT3 is waiting in mah room for me. Thanks!!!

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You know what I think?

by tintoman In reply to Moniter wont display an i ...

I think that secretly you already know the answer to this.
Having said that I would remove the motherboard from it's casing and try to run it up while isolated from the casing just in case you have a shorting issue.
If everything continues as before I accuse your motherboard of foul play

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Plugging in headphones causing the system to restart

by OH Smeg In reply to Moniter wont display an i ...

Could be 1 of 2 things or maybe a combination of both.

There isn't enough Power being supplied by the PS and it's failing, when you plug in the slightest extra Power Drain, or the Sound Chip Circuity on the M'Board has fried and when you plug in headphones cause the M'Board to shut down.

The Power Supply if known to be Flaky should be replaced with something capable of actually driving the M'Board and Other Powered Items. If the Video Card has a Socket for a direct connection and this hasn't been used in an attempt to work it will have drawn too much power for the M'Board to handle through the Socket on the M'Board that it plugs into and taken out the M'Board as well.

If the Power Supply is high on the 3 Volt Rail it will have supplied too much power to the M'Board and taken out the M'Board, CPU and RAM at the very least and could be the reason that your HDD died.

So for starters the PS is defiantly faulty, the M'Board, CPU and RAM may be damaged and no longer working reliably if at all and anything actually plugged into the PS may be damaged or destroyed.


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