Moniter wont start up its amber and rest of pc has power

By josh_prime60 ·
Hey, Im having trouble with my moniter it wont work its stuck on amber.When I switch on the power everything powers up the Computer makes a beeping noise 6 times and the moniter goes from green to amber and then nothing works etc..Keyboard Mouse so I cant use any thing to reset the pc.By the way im only 14. I have found the x2 Ram ports I think but im really unsure what to do. Im thinking about buying another pc. btw on the front of my Dell Dimension 5100 the number 3 and 4 are lit up so Can i get a easy reply Thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Moniter wont start up its ...

Looking at the Dell service manual, lights 3 and 4 on indicates a memory failure.

There are a number of beep codes that are 6 beeps. You need to listen closely at the pattern of the beeps. There should be a pause between groups of beeps. The listed beep codes are in groups of 3. So, the actual code could be 1-3-1 or 2-2-2.

It is possible that one of your memory modules is just loose or making poor contact in the socket.

Here is a link to a Dell guide for memory upgrades.

You MUST have power off when installing or removing memory modules. That often means unplugging the power cord as most computers have some power on at all times.

You might take the tower to a local computer shop and let them know that you want to upgrade your memory. If you buy the memory from them, they will often install it for free.


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Possible issue

by NickHurley In reply to Moniter wont start up its ...

The Beeping is a good indication of an issue at the system level, the monitor is just telling you its not getting a signal. Might not be an issue with the monitor at all. Are the beeps at regular intervals? could you describe where you found the 2 "Ram ports"?

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Check the following

by jimcondes In reply to Moniter wont start up its ...

I've already experience these problem a hundred times and this is a win-win solution.
1. check the power supply or if you have a spare, change it. it usually solve the problem
2. replace the video card, onboard? buy a new vc. attach it to an agp slot.
3. if the above does not work, the motherboard is defective..

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Unplug the power

by Edward_Cox In reply to Check the following

One of the first things I would do is physically unplug the power to the monitor. I have found that even though you turn it off it still retains power. By unplugging it, it may reset itself.

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