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By gmasellie ·
my monitor has changed its color from white to
yellow/green, no matter what I did, the color
does not go away. Is there something wrong with
my harddrive?

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to monitor

Monitors have usually a control button or two at the front. You can access a simple menu from these buttons and make selections. Try adjusting the settings and see if that helps.

If not, try another monitor and check if that works normally. If it does, your old monitor has had it.

If the other monitor shows the same symptoms, the problem is with your graphics card. If you have an AGP or PCI card, try replacing it or install a PCI card with its driver software.

If the faulty graphics outlet is integrated with the motherboard, install a PCI card and the driver software but remember first to go to BIOS and change the VGA graphics option to PCI.

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by The Hive In reply to monitor

If all else fails, the data cable (14 or 15 pin cable hooked to your video port)is damaged. If you can avail of a spare cable with the same design you might as well replace it which would require adequate soldering skill. This way, I have fixed the problem similar with yours, many times.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to monitor

Toivo Talikka has the right idea test with another Monitor to fault find.

On every occasion when I've run into this problem I've found bent pins in the Connector to the Video Card from the monitor but occasionally it's possible that the monitor is on its last legs it really depends on how old it is and how much it's been used.

There is one other possibility and that is that if you have installed the latest Windows Patches they could have adversely affected the Video Driver Software. If that's the case you'll need to download the latest Video Drivers and install them to cure your problem.


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by michael In reply to monitor

Try adjusting the tint control on the monitor, if it is an old monitor, one of the guns on the tube may have gone / deminished output. Answer to question, if this just happened without you taking anything apart or repairing. You could have bumped tink control on monitor, or old monitor going bad.

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